Tamuz Museum is an Israeli culture museum, based in Tel aviv and Jerusalem. 
The two cities are well known for their differences, and some would even say that they are completely the opposite. 
This fact drew the inspiration for the concept of the museum branding. A concept that can be used on both branches. The branding uses the idea of opposites and every item should be used according to its location. 

Typographic identity course, Shenkar College, third year / 2018.
​​​​​​​The Branding of the Tel Aviv branch is based on the new "sans serif" font "Simpler" while the 
Jerusalem branch is based on the traditional "serif" Hebrew font "David" - old and new, 
Traditional and innovative,Tel aviv and Jerusalem.

All the posters can be flipped, be used for both museums. ​​​​​​​
Gift Wrapping paper that can be used in both sides and fit both of the museums.
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Exhibition poster used in Jerusalem and flipped in Tel Aviv
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